Pamela Hewitt’s Masterclass on Dialogue is a must for all editors of fiction and narrative nonfiction. Writers will also benefit. Writing effective dialogue is hard work. Pamela expertly guides participants through the many roles dialogue plays and how these roles are achieved. Highly recommended.

Helen Topor

Pamela Hewitt, teacher

A qualified teacher, I’ve presented face-to-face editing programs for universities, colleges, writers’ centres and societies of editors around Australia and internationally. I have also developed online courses in professional editing.

Fiction Editing Masterclass

The Fiction Editing Masterclass is a professional development program for editors who wish to extend their knowledge, skills and expertise. The program is a series of closely designed workshops, each focused on a different story element in fiction. Workshops are pre-recorded, and available on demand.

I present these masterclasses alongside my colleague, Renée Otmar. Please contact me or Renée for further information about the masterclasses, costs and discounts.

Recordings available now

Trainer: Renée Otmar

Trainer: Pamela Hewitt

Trainer: Pamela Hewitt

Point of View
Trainer: Pamela Hewitt

Coming soon

Pace and tense
Trainer: Pamela Hewitt

Narrative structure
Trainer: Renée Otmar

‘Show don’t tell’
Trainer: Renée Otmar

Communicating with authors and publishing clients
Trainer: Renée Otmar and Pamela Hewitt


Writing and Editing Digital Texts
with Pamela Hewitt

Today, writers need to understand the digital world and decide how they want to participate in it.

You don’t need to be a techie to publish and publicise your text on a variety of digital platforms. Learn from accredited editor Pamela Hewitt, who has worked in editing and publishing for over 25 years.

Working through the practical, hands-on exercises in this course, you will:

  • understand current digital technology
  • learn strategies for presenting your blog or podcast or story on a range of screens
  • explore the digital possibilities for texts you’ve already written, in any subject area and genre
  • gain insights into the pros and cons of self-publishing

This is an on-demand course, which means it’s available any time, whenever you’re ready.

You can enrol at Writing NSW