A qualified teacher, I’ve presented face-to-face editing programs for universities, colleges, writers’ centres and societies of editors around Australia and internationally. I also developed Professional Editing, Emend’s online editing courses.

Pamela Hewitt, teacher

Online courses

Launched in 2005, these courses were among the earliest online editing programs. Emend’s Professional Editing online courses have been updated several times since then. Professional Editing has been revised in 2018 incorporating enhanced interactive elements and taking recent developments in publishing into account.

This overview gives a tour of the courses, showcasing the way the material is presented and the approach to the content.



On your marks An introduction to editing Free present as HTML? Cheque it out Proofreading  An eye for detail Copyediting  Putting it together Structural editing of non-fiction and The big picture Structural editing of fiction Combine into one course for fiction and non-fiction Showing, not telling Editing fiction Combination of literary editing and fiction content Plain and simple Clear English for editors  What’s it worth? Costing and quoting  Page to screen Editing for digital media Wired words Onscreen editing Major update, taking in content from wired words Tricks of the trade Freelance editing

List features – word count, topics, exercises, quotes, interviews, checklists, videos, audioclips, links


Face-to-face workshops 2018

If you are interested in a tailored workshop or series, whether face-to-face or online, please contact me about availability and cost.


Coming up

I presented a series of workshops on Professional Editing for the NSW Writers’ Centre in February and March. This popular short program provides an introduction to professional editing and it’s also targeted at writers who wish to improve their own texts.

On 25 May I will be presenting a workshop on Editing for Digital Media for the NSW Society of Editors. {}


Tailored courses

If you are interested in a tailored workshop or series, whether face-to-face or online, please contact me about availability and cost.

Here’s a small selection of tailored courses and workshops I’ve developed and presented.

Finding your voice and telling your story, a workshop for tutors at the Sydney Story Factory, 2017

Staying ahead of the pack: Digital writing, one of several workshops developed and presented for the New Zealand Society of Authors in 2008 and 2013

Editing fiction, one of several workshops developed and presented for the Singapore National Book Development Council, 2011

Editing academic texts for blogs and op ed articles, a workshop developed and presented for the Crawford School of Economics and Government, Australian National University, 2010

Introduction to onscreen editing, a workshop developed and presented for the Australian Army, 2010

I’ve also developed tailored workshops for the Australian Society of Authors, Northscape Writers, the Metavision Institute and writers’ centres in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Teaching experience

I hold a postgraduate diploma in education and have taught in the university, vocational, ESL and indigenous educations sectors as well as devising and presenting short courses in publishing and editing.


I coordinated the Editing and Publishing program at the University of Southern Queensland from 2011 to 2014, revising, developing and teaching the Graduate Certificate and the Masters program in Editing and Publishing. Brenda Gurr, one of my students won the 2014 IPEd Essay Prize. Prior to this I coordinated the creative writing component of Macquarie University’s Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing, lectured at Macleay College, developed and presented the Certificate program at Canberra Institute of Technology and conducted lectures for students from the Australian National University, University of Canberra and Australian Defence Force Academy.

Workshop presenter

I’ve developed and presented workshops for the New Zealand Association of Authors, Singapore National Book Development Council, Australian Society of Authors, societies of editors in Canberra, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria as well as Writers’ Centres in the ACT, South Australia Queensland and Victoria. I have also developed tailored programs for the Sydney Story Factory, ANU’s Crawford School of Economics and Government, Northscape Writers and the Metavision Institute. My workshops have also featured in several national editing conferences.


I’ve worked with individual editors and writers as well as through structured mentoring programs run by the NSW Writers’ Centre and the Australian Society of Authors. In 2015–16 I mentored the editors of the prize-winning entries in Seizure’s Viva la Novella competition.