Pamela Hewitt’s Masterclass on Dialogue is a must for all editors of fiction and narrative nonfiction. Writers will also benefit. Writing effective dialogue is hard work. Pamela expertly guides participants through the many roles dialogue plays and how these roles are achieved. Highly recommended.

Helen Topor

Pamela Hewitt, teacher

Online: Editing for Writers with Pamela Hewitt

Monday 17 June to Friday 26 July 2024

You’ve written the end on the last page of your manuscript. Now what?

In this online editing course for writers, Pamela Hewitt walks you through the next part of the journey. We analyse structural, stylistic and presentational problems, exploring strategies to improve them. We go behind the scenes, demystifying the editing process and providing practical techniques for taking your text to the next stage of writing quality. This course investigates the levels of editing, and how to identify and deal with common issues in unpublished manuscripts. We also take a realistic look at trends in editing for digital publishing. You will return to your manuscript with new eyes and fresh ideas.

You can enrol at Writing NSW.

Online: Demystifying editing

Sunday 8 September 2024

Every manuscript demands a unique editorial response. For writers, there’s much to learn from the editing process.

The good news? The editor you work with is on your side.

This workshop explores what to expect from editing. You’ll discover how to find the right editor for your manuscript, how to negotiate the precise editorial work you need, and how much you should expect to pay.

Maybe most importantly, we’ll tease out how to make the most from the editing process so that it will benefit your future writing.

This workshop will be presented by Queensland Writers Centre.

Pamela Hewitt, teacher

I’ve presented face-to-face and online programs for universities, colleges, writing and publishing organisations in Australia and internationally:

  • coordinating the MA and Graduate Certificate programs in editing and publishing at the University of Southern Queensland (2011–2014), lecturing in editing at Macquarie University and coordinating the literary editing component of the Postgraduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing (2006), lecturing in editing at Macleay College (2006–2009), developing and presenting the Diploma of Communication and Media at Canberra Institute of Technology, presenting tailored editing workshops for the University of Canberra, Australian National University, Australian Defence Force Academy and Knox Grammar School, presenting online editing courses (Emend Editing, Renée Otmar Consultancy)
  • developing and presenting workshops and courses for writing organisations including Professional Editing and Editing for Writers at Writing NSW (2003–2023), Australian Society of Authors, Writing ACT, Writing Queensland, Writing South Australia, Writing Victoria, Northscape Writers, NZ Society of Authors and Singapore National Book Council
  • developing and presenting workshops for Institute of Professional Editors branches in NSW, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Aotearoa New Zealand and Canberra Society of Editors as well as at industry conferences (IPEd, Style Council, National Editors and Indexers)
  • developing and presenting workshops for Government and industry groups (National Archives Australia, Waverley Council, Department of Defence, CSIRO, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Metavision Institute, CRS Australia).

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